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Our network of Jaguar Franchised Importers have unrivalled experience in all aspects of Jaguar servicing and maintenance. Jaguar Franchised Importers meet Jaguar's rigorous standards for quality and service.


To be a Jaguar Franchised Importer, a repairer must meet the standards set out in our Customer Experience Checklist. Take a look at its eight commitments, which form a key part of our customer care philosophy.

  • Access to the Jaguar Electronic Parts Catalogue
  • Access to the Jaguar Worldwide Inventory System
  • Access to Jaguar Qualified Technicians
  • Access to Jaguar approved Diagnostic Systems
  • Factory approved repair procedures and tooling
  • Fitment of Jaguar Genuine Parts to your vehicle
  • Technicians have direct support from Jaguar product engineers
  • The Jaguar Stamp in your service log-book after each service


Be part of a global community

On top of the assurance that only qualified technicians will be entrusted to work on your Jaguar, there are additional benefits to getting 'The Inside Track' and using a Jaguar Franchised Importer for all your future service and maintenance work.

We keep you informed

We strive to keep Jaguar Franchised Importer customers informed of any new products or developments.

We listen to your feedback

We regularly gather the opinions of our global base of Jaguar owners and Jaguar Franchised Importers. The feedback you give is used to not only help improve our products, but also to improve the services and facilities on offer.

Vehicle and software enhancements

The diagnostic equipment used at our Jaguar Franchised Importers can interrogate the electrical control systems on your vehicle to confirm they are operating correctly. Where necessary, it can then update the software in the control modules to bring everything up to date.

Genuine care for older vehicles

As your Jaguar ages, Jaguar Franchised Importers can ensure it receives the same care it was given when new. Qualified technicians know how to keep your Jaguar looking and performing at its best, regardless of its age or model.

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