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If your Jaguar is damaged in an accident, there’s only one way to ensure it is repaired correctly. While some insurance companies recommended their own repairers, the choice is yours. And we strongly suggest you choose a Jaguar Franchised Importer.

Authorised Jaguar Franchised Importers are the only repairers that can issue you with a Repair Guarantee Certificate, enhancing your customer rights and protecting your car’s warranty.

Factory trained technicians will fit genuine parts using methods specified by Jaguar. Whether your car is steel or aluminium, and whether the damage is cosmetic or structural, nobody else can repair your car to the exacting standards we demand.

Only by insisting on an approved Jaguar Franchised Importer can you be sure that your car will be returned as good as new.


We produce luxury cars at the cutting edge of vehicle technology – the results of new legislation, changing environmental demands and advances in vehicle design, passive safety equipment and crash-worthiness.

Specialist knowledge is therefore required to repair them. We provide an extensive network support platform that ensures repairs are completed by trained technicians using only the correct methods and materials.

We actively enforce the correct methods and materials for repair integrity, training technicians at our own Technical Academy to make certain you can trust the people repairing your car.


To protect the integrity of your vehicle, Jaguar Genuine Parts are used on every repair. All repair work can then be guaranteed and the warranty of your vehicle protected.

Additionally it ensures that you will receive the quality of performance that you would expect because only Genuine Parts are manufactured and tested to the demanding standards we set.


We recognise that as our vehicles become more complex, the correct repair methods do too. Repairers must therefore be fully acquainted with recommended factory repair methods.

Jaguar plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our Jaguar Franchised Importers have access to the required levels of technical information and development support.

The objective is to ensure that technicians are trained to use the information provided in the Global Technical Reference (effectively the workshop manual for Jaguar repair techniques). Through training, technicians become fully conversant with the recommended repair methods.

Repairing vehicles must therefore only be completed by approved Jaguar Franchised Importers.


When repairs have been completed on your vehicle at a Jaguar Franchised Importer you will receive a Repair Guarantee Certificate.

The certificate can only be obtained from an approved Jaguar Franchised Importer and will be counter-stamped by the dealership to endorse this fact. It guarantees:

  • The repairer is part of Jaguar's approved network
  • The technicians involved are trained in the correct methods and techniques
  • Only Jaguar Genuine Parts were used
  • Your warranty remains unaffected
  • Your rights as a consumer are enhanced and protected.