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Enjoy the experience of buying and driving your Jaguar with reduced fixed regular payments and a final balloon payment.

How it works:

It works like a normal auto loan except there is a larger mandatory ‘balloon’ payment deferred to the end of the agreement. The final balloon payment allows you to enjoy lower monthly payments during the agreement term. The balloon payment and any deposit are deducted from the price of your car. You make regular payments based on the remaining balance plus any interest charged. At the end of the agreement, once the balloon payment is settles, you will be the proud owner of your Jaguar.


  • Fixed regular payments for easy budgeting 
  • No mileage restrictions 
  • Your regular payments are reduced because the balloon payment is deferred to the end of the agreement 
  • You own your Jaguar at the end of the agreement

*Financial Services products are country specific and subject to offer availability and local terms and conditions.

 To find out which products are available to you please contact your local retailer.