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Discover the meaning of performance in the Jaguar of your choice with a simple, regular payment plan and outright ownership of your car at the end of the agreement.

How it Works:

Choose your Jaguar, the level of deposit you want to pay (according to required minimum deposit) and an agreement term of 1 – 5 years. Your deposit is deducted from the price of your car, then you make regular monthly payments based on the remaining balance plus the agreement interest. Once all payments have been made, you will be the proud owner of your Jaguar. 


  • Fixed regular payments for easy budgeting
  • You own your Jaguar at the end of the agreement with no delayed lump sum to pay

Terms and Conditions:

*Financial Services products are country specific and subject to offer availability and local terms and conditions.

To find out which products are available to you please contact your local retailer.