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Drive away the perfect Jaguar with a single up-front payment followed by a final balance payment, or split annual payments.

How it works: 

Choose your Jaguar, deposit amount (Between 25-50% subject to offer availability) and agreement term between 12 and 36 months. Your upfront payment includes interest charged on delayed balance payment. 

Choose to make one final balance payment at end of term, or split payment annually over the agreement term. 

Following the settlement of the final payment you own the vehicle outright. Alternatively trade in the vehicle with your dealer and take a new one under the same program.


  • By deferring part of the cost until the end of the agreement term there is less to pay upfront
  • Protects cash, interest can be earned elsewhere 
  • No regular payments

*Financial Services products are country specific and subject to offer availability and local terms and conditions. 

To find out which products are available to you please contact your local retailer