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Jaguar XE


Add to the pleasure of driving your new Jaguar with no regular payments. Make one up-front payment with a choice of three final options at the end of the agreement.

Choose your Jaguar, agree your annual mileage* and agreement term. Your retailer will then calculate the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) of the vehicle. The Guaranteed Minimum Future Value is set based on the predicted value at the end of the agreement, taking into account its age and estimated mileage. This then becomes your optional final payment, which you pay if you choose to keep your Jaguar. At the end of the agreement, just choose one of the the following three options:

  • Renew – choose a new Jaguar from your Retailer and use any excess value over the Final Payment amount towards your deposit
  • Retain – to keep your Jaguar, you only need pay the optional final payment
  • Return – return the vehicle to the dealer and providing the vehicle is within the condition specified in the agreement terms and conditions and has not exceeded the allowed mileage you will have nothing further to pay

  • Ideal if you are planning to pay for your Jaguar outright
  • By delaying part of the cost until the end of the agreement there is less to pay today
  • No regular payments
  • The GMFV protects you against any potential fall in used car values
  • The value of the vehicle at the end of the contract is guaranteed to at least equal that of the delayed Final Payment
  • With shorter terms you can be driving a new Jaguar more often, meaning your servicing and maintenance costs may be reduced
  • Shorter commitment to bank
  • Flexibility – you choose the annual mileage and agreement term to suit you; at the end of your agreement you choose the right option for you

*Financial Services products are country specific and subject to offer availability and local terms and conditions.

To find out which products are available to you please contact your local retailer.