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Incontrol Connect Pro



Available with InControl Touch Pro only, InControl Connect Pro consists of Wi-Fi Hotspot, InControl Apps, and Pro Services, and is designed to enhance your in-car and out-of-car experience, ensuring you and your passengers enjoy the journey whilst remaining connected to the world.

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    • Q: What’s the difference between a navigation profile and an InControl Navigation Account?
      A: A navigation profile allows different drivers to store their own personal navigation settings and destinations. When you select your profile the navigation system will instantly switch to your settings and destinations.

      An InControl Navigation Account allows you to further extend the connected capabilities of the navigation system by enabling:

      1. Synchronisation of places/destinations between the in-car navigation system, the smartphone InControl Route Planner App and the InControl Route Planner website.
      2. Door-to-door navigation using the Route Planner smartphone app to search for a place of interest and then set it as a destination.
      3. Sharing of estimated time of arrival (ETA) via SMS or email.
      4. Sharing of places and your current location with friends.
    • Q: How do I create an InControl Navigation Account?
      A: Start the engine, and make sure InControl Touch Pro is connected to the Internet – either via Wi-Fi or a mobile data enabled SIM.

      Enter the navigation menu and click on ‘Hello, [profile name]’. To create a new profile click on ‘Add profile’ at the bottom of the Touchscreen. If more than one profile has been set up, select the profile you wish to associate an InControl Navigation Account to. Now tap on the edit icon to the side of the profile name at the top of the Touchscreen.

      From this screen you can associate a home address to the account, change sync settings and add contacts for sharing ETA, places and location information. Tap on InControl Navigation Account, then tap on register and follow the step-by-step instructions.

      Please note that if you get interrupted or lose your data connection during this process, you’ll need to re-enter all requested information. Once registered you can chose to be signed in automatically every time you use the car.
    • Q: How do I share my estimated time of arrival (ETA)?
      A: Once your car has connected to the Internet and you’ve signed into your Navigation Account, tap on the box at the bottom of the Touchscreen where ETA information is shown. Select which recipients you’d like to share your ETA with by SMS (subject to market availability) text or email, and chose whether you’d like to send updates every 5, 10 or 20 minutes.

      Your contacts can be stored via navigation settings or via this screen. The system will automatically save any new contacts, making it even quicker to share your ETA next time you sign in.
    • Q: How is the safety camera database updated?
      A: The camera database updates when the map database is updated.

      We include safety camera locations to highlight known accident black spots. Our intention is to help maintain the safety of our customers, their passengers and other road users.

      While every effort is taken to provide accurate information, the responsibility for obeying traffic regulations remains firmly with the driver.
    • Q: Can I use the contacts list from my connected smartphone to share my estimated time of arrival (ETA)?
      A: Our objective is to make sharing your ETA as easy as possible, and we felt that interfacing with your phone’s contacts created additional steps and search criteria. As this feature will generally be used with a small group of people on a regular basis, we concluded that pre-programming a limited set of email and/or phone numbers would make this function far simpler to use.
    • Q: Do I need to enter my phone number or email address to send ETA/place/location notifications?
      A: No, you just need to be signed in with your InControl Navigation Account and have an active data connection.

      The message will be from Jaguar, but will include your account user name as the sender of the information – along with your destination and ETA/place/location details.
    • Q: What is Arrival Mode?
      A: When you are 300m from your destination, a large Arrival Mode pop up alert will remind you of the address. It will also provide street level imagery when available.

      If you pass your destination by more than 600m, guidance instructions will help route you back. This function makes it easier to find a parking space nearby, without losing the context of your destination.

      A large ‘Parking’ button will also be shown if parking facilities are nearby. Tap on a car park to add it as a waypoint to your route. Connected vehicles can also display a status of the car park (where available) indicating whether the car park is full, nearly full etc.

      Even when the route is updated with parking, the original destination you selected is provided to the InControl Route Planner smartphone app, allowing on foot or public transit guidance instructions (where supported) to your final destination.
    • Q: Once I’ve parked my car, how can I continue the journey from my smartphone?
      A: Open the InControl Route Planner on your Apple or Android smartphone. As long as you’re more than 30 metres from the destination you originally set – and you didn’t cancel guidance before exiting your car – the destination will be synced to your smartphone via the cloud. Depending on your route settings, the app will guide you to your destination by foot or public transport.

      At times the companion app may take up to 30 seconds to refresh and sync destinations and your car’s position from the cloud. Please don’t close and re-launch the app during this time – this may force a re-sync of your destination and your car’s position.

      Please note that if you’re in a location with poor network coverage, your destination may not sync to the Route Planner App.
    • Q: What is InControl Connect Pro?
      A: InControl Connect Pro allows a host of additional features, services and apps (please note that some features require a data enabled sim card and a valid subscription). It also adds further connection options, allowing devices with HDMI or MHL interfaces to be used with InControl Touch Pro.

      The comprehensive guide supplied with your Jaguar will help you set up InControl Connect Pro and take full advantage of it’s features.
    • Q: Which features require a valid subscription?
      • Real Time Traffic Information
      • Fuel Pricing (where supported)
      • Car Parking availability (where supported)
      • Safety camera locations (where supported)
      *check with your retailer for availability of InControl Pro Services
    • Q: How long is my subscription valid for?
      A: The initial subscription typically matches the warranty period of the car, but this may vary by market. Please contact your retailer for more details.
    • Q: How can I find out how much time I have left on my current subscription?
      A: Go to Settings > All settings > Navigation settings > Connected services licence. The expiry date and all available features are shown here. These may vary depending on where you purchased your car.
    • Q: Will I be able to renew my subscription?
      A: Yes, please contact your Retailer for more information.
    • Q: Which features and services are included with InControl Connect Pro?
      A: The following apps are available:

      InControl Route Planner: allowing places and destinations to be sent to the car as well as offering guidance instructions.

      Other Pro Services include:
      • Real Time Traffic Information
      • Share ETA, places and current location
      • Online Routing
      • Sync destinations to the car and from the car to the InControl Route Planner App & Website
      • Live searches
      • Fuel Pricing (where supported)
      • Car Parking availability (where supported)
      • Street Level Imagery (where supported)
      • Satellite Imagery
      • In-car Wi-Fi Hotspot
      • Web browser

      *check with your retailer for availability of InControl Pro Services
    • Q: Do I need a SIM card to connect my car to the Internet?
      A: Yes, a Micro SIM card with mobile data enabled is required to power the InControl Connect Pro package. Insert your SIM card into the interface panel in the centre console storage compartment, and make sure you’ve enabled Mobile Data in the connectivity settings menu.

      Go to the settings icon in any screen > All settings > Features > Connectivity > Mobile data on

      You can also share your smartphone’s data connection by enabling the phone’s Internet Sharing, Personal Hotspot or Tethering feature. Please check with your mobile network provider to verify this feature is supported by your current phone tariff.
    • Q: What are the advantages of the car’s data connection over my smartphone’s data connection?
      A: The strength of your mobile phone signal and data connection can be significantly reduced by the structure of the car – metal reduces the transmission of radio waves.

      When inserted, the SIM card located in your car’s interface panel connects to the mobile network via a significantly larger, dedicated aerial on the outside of the car. This helps to maintain a much stronger data connection with the network.
    • Q: Why is there a delay between starting the engine and the system connecting to the Internet?
      A: When you unlock the car, InControl Touch Pro initiates the process to connect to the mobile network. This can take up to 2 minutes – it’s similar to your mobile phone being turned on and connecting to its network.

      Once connected, a 3G icon will show in the upper corner of the Touchscreen. InControl Touch Pro then downloads traffic information (if enabled) and syncs any places and destinations you may have saved using the InControl Route Planner App or web portal. All connected features are now available.
    • Q: Which features require internet connectivity?
      A: The following features require an active internet connection:
      • Real Time Traffic Information
      • Share ETA, places and current location
      • Online Routing
      • Sync destinations to the car and from the car to the InControl Route Planner App & Website
      • Live searches
      • Fuel Pricing (where supported)
      • Car Parking availability (where supported)
      • Street Level Imagery (where supported)
      • Satellite Imagery (where supported)
      • Live Apps (where supported)
      • In-car Wi-Fi Hotspot
      • Web browser
      *check with your retailer for availability of InControl Pro Services
    • Q: What’s the difference between Hotspot and Wi-Fi in the connectivity settings menu?
      A: Hotspot allows you to connect up to 8 devices including smartphones and tablets to your car’s Internet connection.

      Wi-Fi lets you to connect to a Wi-Fi network, for example your home network. It also allows you to connect to another device like a smartphone and share its data connection.
    • Q: Are there settings to help me manage data roaming when driving outside of my home country?
      A: Yes, go to Settings > All settings > Features > Connectivity > Mobile settings

      You can also enable specific roaming navigation features in the Navigation Settings menu.
    • Q: The 3G icon is showing in the upper corner of the Touchscreen, so why are some connected features unavailable?
      A: At times, networks can be over capacity, or the signal strength too low to provide sufficiently high enough connection quality. This can result in a temporary loss of data.
    • Q: How much data should I budget for on a monthly basis?

      A: It will vary significantly based on the features you use, the frequency of use and the length of your journeys. As a very rough guide, typical usage consumes in the region of 100-500 MB of data per month.

      These features use the greatest amount of data in the following order:

      1. Wi-Fi Hotspot
      2. Satellite Imagery
      3. Street Level Imagery*
      4. Real Time Traffic Information

      All other features consume far less data of approximately the same amount. Further examples are provided below:


      Per Minute or per event Per Hour
      Streaming music 500KB/minute 30MB/hour
      1 social media post with photo 500KB
      Streaming video (standard resoultion) 4MB/minute 240MB
      Streaming video (HD resolution) 15MB/minute 900MB
      1 Email (no attachment) 35KB
      1 Email with attachment 300KB
      1 hour surfing the web 15MB

      *Check with your retailer for availability of InControl Pro Services.
    • Q: Can I monitor or limit data usage?
      A: Yes, you can limit data usage to a specific number of megabytes per month, monitor the amount of data consumed, and disable roaming. Go to Settings > All settings > Features > Connectivity > Mobile settings.

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As we roll out InControl, specific features described may be optional and market or powertrain dependent. Please consult your local Jaguar retailer for availability and full terms. Certain features require an appropriate SIM with a suitable data contract, which will require a further subscription after the initial term advised by your retailer. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.