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Premium performance car manufacturer Jaguar follows Loai Naseem, founder of prominent Saudi fashion house Lomar, as he drives around the city in his Jaguar XE and talks design in the latest instalment of the "Forward Thinkers" series.

Constantly drawing inspiration from his surroundings to revolutionise the way men wear traditional Saudi clothing, Loai says: "The Jaguar XE has all the creativity and innovation I look for in its details, design and elegance. These elements make me happy as I am driving and continuously inspire me."

Referring to his Jaguar XE as one of his many creative environments, Loai highlights some of the vehicle's key design features: "I like the dashboard design and the seats, I keep discovering new things about this car every day. Looking at the stitching and the leather, some of our latest clothing pieces were inspired by the XE."

Take a closer look and watch Loai's "Forward Thinkers" film on Jaguar MENA YouTube.

The "Forward Thinkers" film series was launched as part of Jaguar Middle East and North Africa's "The Art of Performance" platform which aims to recognise performance that excites the senses and pushes past the limits of convention to become art. Upcoming "Forward Thinkers" films in this second series will feature MENA influencers Bernard Khoury (Lebanon) and Nacer Ibn Abdeljalil (Morocco).